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Healthcare Legislation

Authorizing Governor to Expand Medicaid 

BILL SB0983 / HB1092 | Sponsors: Senator Gilmore and Representative Hodges 

This caption bill authorizes the governor to expand medicaid pursuant to the Affordable Care Act; authorizes the governor to negotiate with the centers for medicare and medicaid services to determine the terms of the expansion


Abortion PROHIBITED if Heartbeat DETECTED

BILL HB0077 / SB1236 | Sponsors: Representative JamesVanHuss and Senator Mark Pody
 This legislation prohibits abortions from the point a fetal heartbeat is detected except in certain medical emergencies.

Prescription Drug Fair Pricing Act 

BILL SB0963 / HB0887 | Sponsors: Senator Gilmore and Representative Dixie

Requires the commissioner of health to examine changes in prices for essential generic drugs in prescription drug programs operated by state government for the period of the last five fiscal years. Requires the commissioner of commerce and insurance to examine issues relating to requiring price transparency in prescription drug pricing. Both reports must be presented on or before January 15, 2020, with recommendations to legislation.

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