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Human Life Legislation

Busted when taking narcotics while pregnant 

BILL SB0659 / HB1168 | Sponsors: Senator Bowling and Representative Weaver

This Caption bill authorizes prosecution of a woman for assault based on the woman's illegal use of a narcotic drug while pregnant if the child is born addicted to or harmed by the narcotic drug and the addiction or harm is a result of the woman's use of a narcotic drug while pregnant; provides enrollment in an addiction recovery program while pregnant and successful completion of the program is an affirmative defense


Preventing TN Government from Financing/Supporting Abortions

BILL SB1418 / HB1490 | Sponsors: Senator Jackson and Representative Ragan
This caption bill enacts the "Life Appropriation Act," which prohibits an agency or instrumentality of the state from awarding a grant to pay the direct or indirect costs of performing, inducing, referring, or counseling in favor of abortions. Click SB1418 / HB1490 to learn more. 

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