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Poor and Vulnerable Legislation

Prosecution of sex crimes against children 

Bill SB0368 / HB0286 | Sponsors: Representative Jim Coley and Senator Becky Massey

Statutes of Limitations and Repose - As introduced, removes the statute of limitations for prosecution of certain Class A or Class B felony sex offenses committed against a child on or after July 1, 2019, and deletes a provision that sets a lower statute of limitations for aggravated rape, rape of a child, rape, and aggravated rape of a child if notice of the offense is not given to law enforcement within three years of the offense.


Statutes of Limitations / Sex Abuse of a Minor 

Bill SB1252 / HB0565 | Sponsors: Senator Gresham and Representative Dunn 

As introduced, extends civil and criminal statutes of limitation for certain acts of abuse against minors; increases the penalty for intentional failure to report child abuse or child sexual abuse. Read bill summary.

Abolish death penalty for severely mentally ill

Bill HB1455 / SB1124 | Sponsors: Senator Briggs and Representative Ramsey

As introduced, this bill prohibits a court from sentencing a defendant convicted of first degree murder to death if the defendant proves by a preponderance of the evidence that, at the time of the offense, the defendant had a severe mental illness. 

LESS time for Justice. GREATER risk of Execution!

Bill HB0258 / SB0400 | Sponsors: Representative Mary Littleton and Senator John Stevens

This Bill removes the Criminal Appeals Court which provides a second look of an execution verdict—insuring that ALL facts have been presented and examined. IF PASSED, Death Row Inmates have LESS time for defense and face GREATER risk for execution.

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