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Presenting the Church’s public policy position with one voice

The church’s voice is the public square, it is not liberal or conservative, Republican or Democratic. It is a voice for the sacredness of all life, the dignity of every human person, and the hope for our most vulnerable sisters and brothers.

“Politics is one of the highest forms of charity because it seeks the common good." ~ Pope Francis


We give witness to Gospel values in public affairs and government.

Under the direction of Tennessee's three bishops, the Tennessee Catholic Conference will:

  • Take positions on public policies and programs affecting the common good of all Tennessee citizens. Click the button below to see our Tennessee Catholic Conference: a list of the bills we are monitoring.   

  • Speak for the Roman Catholic Church before all branches of our state government and before groups concerned with social policy.

  • Identify needs in areas of morality, health, welfare, education, religious freedom, human and civil rights, and determine ways to meet those needs. 

  • Foster public understanding of the Church's teaching on social issues.

We engage and inform the Catholic Community on crucial social issues.

TNCC Legislative tracking

During each legislative session, thousands of bills are introduced in both Houses. Only a few hundred will become law, but all of them require analysis of content and study of their implications for positive and negative effects on the people of the State of Tennessee and specifically the Catholic community. Each year Tennessee Catholic Conference staff and, together with the Tennessee Catholic Conference standing committees, undertake a review of public policy issues to develop its legislative agenda, which is then reviewed by the bishops. 


There are three questions that direct Tennessee Catholic Conference involvement in public policy:

  • Does this policy serve the well being of people?

  • Have the ethical and moral implications of this policy been considered?

  • Does this policy affect the institutional Church, her mission, her members her works?

The committees are made up of clergy and lay persons from through out the state, and are appointed by the bishops.


Most Reverend
David P. Talley,

M.S.W., J.C.D.

Bishop of of Memphis

Most Reverend
J. Mark Spalding, J.C.L.

Bishop of Nashville


Most Reverend
Richard F. Stika, D.D.
Bishop of Knoxville


Executive Director

Rick Musacchio



Deputy Director

Julie Perrey


Join with Catholics across the state who are lending their voices to building the common good in TN. Get informed. Get mobilized. Get active. Learn how to make your voice heard in the public square. TOGETHER we can make a difference!

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