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The Tennessee Catholic Public Policy Commission strongly supports efforts to improve the public education system in Tennessee. Government at all levels, acting in partnership with parents, has a responsibility to provide adequate professional and material resources to assist all children attain a quality education and safeguard their health and safety.


The Tennessee Catholic Public Policy Commission supports the following:

  • Continued pursuit of excellence in all schools.

  • Legislation assuring the rights of parents to decide the education of their children.

  • Benefits from government education programs that provide assistance to students and teachers in Catholic Schools.


The three Catholic dioceses of Tennessee provide educational services to approximately 20,000 students in grades K-12. There 50 Catholic schools across the state: 38 elementary schools, 10 secondary schools, one college, and one university.


The TennesseeCatholic Public Policy Commission, through it's Education Committee, seeks ways to collaborate with the State Board of Education to offer services for all students and teachers, whether they are in public or non-public schools. We believe that through collaboration, we can improve the quality of education for all children in Tennessee.

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