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“In the Catholic tradition, responsible citizenship is a virtue; participation in the political process is a moral obligation.”  – The Challenge of Faithful Citizenship

These are strong and convicting words. However, for many, the whole political picture can feel overwhelming.


Which party should I choose?

I can’t stand the hateful tone in politics today.

There are just too many issues.

Do my voice and vote matter?


Being a responsible citizen does not mean being an expert on all issues; it means paying attention to what is going on around you and deciding on which issues you are interested.

Get equipped. Get mobilized. Get active.

Watch your representatives in action. View live and video-recorded legislative committee meetings on critical laws on which you are passionate.

Track the legislative status of bills, and get daily updates.

Track your Senator's and Representative's votes; research and monitor legislative activities, committees, members, detailed minutes, and voting record. 

Resources for Catholic Church's teaching and position on social justice issues,
local and world events; Papal addresses; Encyclicals; and more.

Local and National Catholic Charitable Organizations
that champion social justice issues

There is strength in numbers; be a part. Join ranks with other Catholics who advocate social reform and participate in the Tennessee Legislative process.

Recent issues of Action Alerts and Catholic Advocacy Network

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