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Long Term Care

The Tennessee Catholic Public Policy Commission supports efforts to create a comprehensive plan to provide for the long term care of the increasing numbers of senior citizens and those who have on-going needs related to physical and mental illnesses.


The Tennessee Catholic Public Policy Commission has a long record of imploring the state to care for its most vulnerable citizens. Long term care for the elderly, mentally ill, and disabled is consistent with our deep concern for maintaining respect and dignity for all human life. No single response is adequate but a comprehensive plan must be initiated to meet the increased numbers of senior citizens in Tennessee.


Funds must be made available for home and community based services; convalescent, skilled and intermediate care facilities. As our society is aging, funds are necessary to allow the consumer to choose long term care in the appropriate setting. Funding and resources are also necessary for the mentally ill, head trauma victims and ventilator dependent individuals.


The TennesseeCatholic Public Policy Commission encourages the State of Tennessee to plan and provide resources to fund adequate services for long term care in order to foster independent living. The commission encourages the state to support demonstrations, expansion, and reimbursement for continuum of care and services necessary for maximum independent functioning for the elderly, mentally ill, head trauma victims and ventilator dependent individuals.

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